Where We Play

We have two venues:
  • Thursdays - Handyside Indoor Sports Pitch, Tapestry Building, Kings Cross

  • Sundays - Regents Park

Handyside Sports Pitch

This is an indoor pitch near Kings Cross. It's 5-a-side in size. The official address is Tapestry Building, Kings Cross, but it's not the easiest to find so below are some detailed instructions!

At the junction of Stable Street and Handyside Street face west (i.e. towards the new buildings and away from the old stable block for those of you who donít have a compass to hand). Keep walking down Handyside Street past the Everyman cinema on the corner and then turn left down the street after the cinema. The pitch is on your right before you get to the Gasholders. It is on the ground floor of a residential building/tower.

Here's a map of where it is: Handyside Sports Pitch

Regents Park

This is a grass pitch of variable size (depending on how many people turn up!). There aren't any changing rooms (unless you count the public loos) so you can either come changed or just change in the park if you're a bit of an exhibitionist. We play at the Gloucester Gate end of the park - we're usually on the grassy area to the right of the path as you come in that entrance (we'll be the group of amazingly attractive women with bright green goalpost bags).

To get to the park from Camden Tube:

Crossover and walk up Parkway (that's the one that goes past the Jazz Cafe and the Odeon) Keep going straight, even when you get to the corner of the park where London Zoo is When you hit the "Outer Circle" ring road round the park you should see the entrance almost opposite, over the crossing

Here I am looking at the park entrance using Google Streetview