When We Play

There are two types of playing dates:
  • Thursdays - these are guaranteed and will always go ahead apart from in exceptional circumstances such as snow or ice (in which case an email would be sent round)

  • Sundays - we play most Sundays, but this is reliant on players being available to pick up the posts. If in doubt it is worthwhile emailing llka.football@gmail.com a few days before to check if the Sunday kickabout is on.
For both you should aim to arrive on time. It's not regimental and no one will get upset if you are a few minutes late but regularly turning up 30 minutes after kick-off gets annoying for everyone else due to the need to keep re-organising the teams (or having to wait around to start). Obviously there are sometimes good reasons for being late, but please try be considerate and aim to be there on time so we can kick off on time and keep confidence in the event.

Thursday Games

We play from 7pm - 8pm.

For directions to the games see the Where We Play page.

Sunday Games

We play from 1pm to approximately 3pm.

Note: In Spring/Summer we have been known to play from 2pm, but we are currently trying out always playing at 1pm due to demands on pitch space in Regents Park. To check if we're currently playing at 1pm or 2pm check the home page.

For directions to the games see the Where We Play page.

On Sundays at least two people are needed to carry the posts and other equipment. If you're coming to Camden tube to come to football anyway you only need to be a few extra minutes early to help with the posts - don't rely on other people to always do this otherwise you could turn up at the park one week and find there's nothing to play with!