Joining LLKA

There are no formal joining requirements for LLKA. You simply turn up to play whenever you want to.

This is because LLKA is not a private members, it's simply a series of ongoing events.

There is therefore no annual or other fee (apart from the £5 to pay for the pitch on Thursdays) and no forms to fill in. You can just turn up as often or as little as you like. However, you are expected to be aware of the rules before you come along.

There are only 4 very simple rules :
  • No violence, aggressive/threatening play or actions
  • No deliberate fouling/cheating
  • No intentionally leaving without payment of pitch contribution (applies to Camden pitch only where pitch contribution of £5 is payable)
  • No abuse of hospitality - this means using the event as a "poaching" opportunity, to encourage or solicit other players at the event to come and play for other teams

For more details check out the FAQ

LLKA susbscribes to the Kick Racism and Kick Homophobia out of football campaigns. Homophobic and/or racist/anti-semitic comments or behaviour will not be tolerated.